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Raheja Solar-Dried Products

Brand for Conscious Consumer Brands

Presenting the most deliciously fresh, highest quality farm food processed naturally on the farm itself right after harvesting and delivered to the market without adding any sugar or preservatives.

Farm-fresh taste, naturally

No artificial fillers, just pure nutrition.

Long shelf life

Enjoy the bounty for a longer time.

Slow food goodness

Savor the natural flavors, unhurried and authentic.

Zero-added nasties

No sugar or preservatives, just pure goodness.

Supply Chain: From farm to market

Our Products Range

Have a look ot our wide range of products

Solar Dried Fruits

Want to have a healthy and delicious snaking options? Savour the natural goodness of solar-dried fruits – a healthy and sustainable way to enjoy the vibrant flavors of farm fresh produce, preserved just for you.

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Solar Dried Flowers

The Fragrance and Elegance of Solar-Dried Flowers awaken your senses whether you’re crafting fragrant teas, or infusing your cuisine with floral finesse, our selection of solar-dried flowers, including delicate rose buds, aromatic jasmine, and vibrant hibiscus, promises to elevate the experience of your taste buds with extraordinary nutritious values to new heights.

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Herbs And Spices

Spice Up Your Culinary Creations with Solar-Dried Herbs and Spices. Add up a diverse array of herbs and spices to transform your dishes with the aromatic wonders of solar-dried herbs and spices.

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Want to enjoy seasonal vegetables all year long? Our Nutrient-Rich World of Solar-Dried Vegetables are perfect for you.

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Catalyzing positive change, our impact number reflects the transformative influence of
our efforts on countless lives and communities.
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Farmers Empowered

0 %

Increase in Farmers’ Income

0 +

MT Food Wastage Saved

0 +

MT Carbon Footprint Saved

0 .5 Cr

Worth of Food Saved

0 +

Women Associated with Processing Facilities


Empowering innovation and fostering excellence, our unwavering commitment has earned us prestigious recognitions on a global scale.

Our Solar dried products Clients

“Harnessing Sunlight, Empowering Progress: Your Solar Dryer Solution.”

Let’s work together to make our farmers INDEPENDENT

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