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Supporting Farmers towards sustainable Income
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About the company

Raheja Solar Food Processing is a globally recognized social enterprise and a leading advocate for sustainable agriculture. We are a farmer-first company, providing holistic support to small farmers by providing affordable solar dryers, hand holding to produce quality dried products, and market support by ensuring buyback. We are on a mission to maximize agricultural profitability while supplying the highest quality, premium, and long-lasting agriculture products to sensible brands processed through eco-friendly methods.

Our Products

Solar Dried Products

Highest Quality, Premium, and Farm Made Products for Sensible Consumer Brands.

Our Collaborators & Partners

Our Prestigious Clients

Our Impact Numbers

Strong Community Of Farmers
0 MT
Reduction in CO2 Emissions per year
People economically empowered
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Food Waste Reduced per year


Sustainability Goals


Thutan Drema,Jhamste Gatsal Children's Community

Drying fruits and vegetables was a culture that we always had in the history of the Monpa Tribes. So, making it easier and healthier was when we were introduced to Solar Dryer. We practically noticed the difference in Open sunlight drying and Solar Drying. 

TP Prasanna Kumar, Center for Sustainable Energy

We are working with RSFP and have installed 7-8 units of solar dryers in 12 FPOs of Andhra and Telangana. In the season the FPOs are drying 500 cases of Lemon every day and get a very good price for the end product. They have very confidently said that these dryers are very beneficial for us

Ashutosh Satpathy, Livlihood Consultant, PRADAN

PRADAN has been associated with Raheja Solar Food processing since 2022 . The association has helped PRADAN in developing perspective around Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetable sector for Odisha . The Solar Dryers developed by RSFP is very easily being handled by Women Entrepreneurs . We are quite hopeful that small and marginal farmers of Odisha are going to benefit through this Dehydration technology and opening of Market channel for Dried fruits and vegetables

Major VP Sharma, Co-founder Gratitude farms

We have been using solar dehydrators for over 2 years and deployed them in locations such as Chennai, Telangana, and Kashmir. The solar dryers are robust very simple design and very effective. We are currently working with retired army soldiers and taking up dehydration as a source of livelihood.

Let's join hands to make our farmer's INDEPENDENT