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Every year, an astonishing $3 Trillion in agricultural resources are wasted worldwide ($500 billion worth of food is wasted on farms worldwide,) contributing to a staggering 2.2 gigatonnes of CO2 emission

Our Belief!

Earth is abundant in natural resources, capable of satisfying everyone's needs, But, a significant portion of these resources goes to waste or needs to be utilized.

Empowering Farmers to Produce Nutritious Food!

Provide technology and knowledge to create sustainable, value-added products that enhance profitability and ensure long-term financial success.

A Brand for Sensible Consumer Brands!

Supply the Highest Quality, Premium, and Farm Made Agriculture Products for Sensible Consumer Brands!

About the company

Raheja Solar Food Processing is a globally recognized social enterprise and a leading advocate for sustainable agriculture. We are a farmer-first company, optimizing small Farmer’s profitability through value-added natural resources. We empower small farmers with affordable solar dryers, training, and buyback support to produce and supply farm-fresh dried products to conscious consumer brands.

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Affordable DIY Portable Solution for Efficient and Effective Dehydration of Farm Produce.


Highest Quality and Naturally Preserved Dehydrated Products Straight From Farms.

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Thutan Derma

Jhamste Ghatsal Children's Community, Arunachal Pradesh

Drying fruits and vegetables was a culture that we always had in the history of the Monpa Tribes. So, making it easier and healthier was when we were introduced to Solar Dryer. We practically noticed the difference in Open sunlight drying and Solar Drying.

TP Prasanna Kumar

Center For Sustainable Energy, Andhra Pradesh

We are working with RSFP and have installed 7-8 units of solar dryers in 12 FPOs of Andhra and Telangana. In the season the FPOs are drying 500 cases of lemon each day and get a very good price for the end product.

We have been using solar dehydrators for over 2 years and deployed them in locations such as Chennai, Telangana, and Kashmir. The solar dryers are robust very simple design and very effective. We are currently working with retired army soldiers and taking up dehydration as a source of livelihood.

VP Sharma

Gratitude Farms, Andhra Pradesh

PRADAN is associated with RSFP since 2022. The association has helped PRADAN in developing perspective around dehydrated fruits and vegetable sector in Odisha. The solar dryers developed by RSFP is very easily being handled by women entrepreneurs.​

PRADAN, Odisha

Ashutosh Satpathy

I have been drying the spices for my business in the open sun but they took a lot of time to dry, and also the color used to get fade. But as I have purchased the solar dryer my spices are getting dried in less than 3 days without any loss to the color and fragrance. After purchasing of the dryer my business has boosted up a lot. Thank you Raheja Solar!!

Smita Jadhav

Microenterprnuer, Maharashtra

Let's work together to make our farmer's independent!

Whether you’re interested in preserving surplus farm produce and collaborating with farmers, launching a sustainable business, or joining us on our mission to empower farmers. WE ARE HERE!!