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समृद्ध किसान तो रोशन हिन्दुस्तान
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Supporting Farmers towards sustainable Income
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About the company

We are basically a social enterprise started 4 years back to increase the income of farmers and uplift them by reducing their post-harvest losses. Indian farmers lose almost Rs. 90,000 crores every year in losses.

In our intervention, We are providing farmers the most affordable and DIY foldable solar dryer to create value added products from the produce which otherwise goes waste or sold at very low prices. Our Raheja Solar Dryer dehydrate their produce without losing their natural colour, taste, fragrance and nutrient and giving them atleast one year shelf life instead of 1 week in fresh form. We also support farmers in the marketing of their dried products by selling them to top FMCG companies of India .Dried market is huge of 70 billion USD globally and with our decentralized production model using slow dehydration at source itself, we are providing our end consumer highest quality products at resonable prices and giving back good margin to farmers.

Our Products & Services

500 kg (60)

Solar Dryer

Successfully Installed in every state of India

Solar Drying Techniques Training

To get the highest quality out of your produce.

Solar Dried Products Market Support

To get the highest value for your highest quality product.


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Affordable Cost

Dryers at affordable prices

Do It Yourself

Anyone can install it by themselves


Reduces Transportation Cost

Food Grade Design

With SS-304 Contact Surface to get Food Safety License


Can be expanded to a bigger Capacity

Double Powered

Has both active and passive drying

Our Collaborators & Partners

Our Top Clients

Our Impact Numbers

Number of Farmers benefited​
0 MT
Reduction in CO2 Emissions per year
Employment Generated
0 MT
Food Waste Reduced per year


Any Queries?

Whether you’re curious about features, varieties or prices, we’re here to answer your queries.