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"Embracing the Unwritten:  Our Odyssey, Your Legacy."

Varun Raheja

Varun Raheja


In the heart of India a young visionary named Varun Raheja, Co-founder and Director of RSFP, embarked on a remarkable journey fueled by a pr ofound love for nature. To Varun, nature was a priceless treasure, and he marveled at the incredible journey of a tiny seed evolving into a majestic tree bearing delicious and nutritious fruits. However, amidst this wonder, he couldn’t help but notice a troubling reality – a significant portion of this bountiful natural resource was going to waste or remained unutilized. This not only had severe environmental implications but also resulted in financial hardships for the very farmers who nurtured it.

Driven by his passion for nature and a deep-rooted desire to make a meaningful contribution to society, Varun took the bold step of founding ‘Raheja Solar Food Processing’ (RSFP) in 2018, an endeavor he embarked upon during his third year of pursuing a B.E in Mechanical Engineering at a tender age of 20. RSFP aimed at reducing the food waste and empowering the farmers by value addition of their resources.

Standing alongside Varun in this noble venture was his mother, Mrs. Babita Raheja, a dynamic and passionate individual with a clear vision of empowering underprivileged women. Together, they set forth on a mission to address a pressing issue – reducing post-harvest losses for farmers, empowering them to have better control over their produce in the market, and creating a micro-food processing ecosystem that would seamlessly connect these farmers to the broader economy.

Since its inception, RSFP has achieved remarkable milestones, building a robust community of over 50,000 farmers spanning across India. Their approach goes beyond just providing aid; it encompasses holistic support. From equipping farmers with cutting-edge tools and technology to offering comprehensive training and extending vital market support, RSFP has been at the forefront of transforming the lives of countless individuals.

Mr. Varun Raheja’s vision has not only nurtured nature but also sowed the seeds of empowerment, prosperity, and sustainability in the lives of countless farmers. Through RSFP, they have not just written a brand story but a tale of hope, resilience, and positive change that continues to inspire and touch the lives of many.

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