Market Support

Buy-Back Support

Meet babu, he owns 2 acres of land in remote village of India. He grows tomato and mango in his 2 acre of land. The local market is 50 kms away from his farm. Previously, just after harvest of his produce he book a vehicle to carry his fresh produce to the middlemen of local market. Knowing the low shelf life of fresh produce and farmers payment for the vehicle, middlemen took the advantage and reduce the produce price to the minimum. And, without any second hope, babu has to sell produce at whatever price he get from middlemen. Sometimes, when the market rates are too low, babu doesn’t even harvest the produce and let it rot on the farm only.
Now, as babu has owned the solar dryer. He call the middlemen after every harvest and if middlemen won’t offer him the price that he deserve. He uses the solar dehydrator to preserve his produce using our solar drying techniques training and sell the dried products back to us to get the highest price for the produce which otherwise got sold at low prices or thrown away.